d FLUID - the book - by Travis Sentell


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FLUID is a gritty interactive novel that explores the nature of free will, through both the large story of a cosmic battle between good and evil, and the small story of two teenagers yearning for connection in a greedy, manipulative world.

Chastity and Austin are two kids repeatedly thrown into contact with one another. At every turn they sense an overwhelming attraction, but fate conspires to force them apart. When Austin is “accidentally” thrust into a new job as the receptionist for Chastity’s therapist, Dr. Abramson begins to realize that they have been struggling to find each other since the dawn of time. As God and the Devil watch and plot, the clock ticks and nothing short of the end of all Creation is at stake. The rains fall, the Earth trembles, and time runs short.

Author Travis Sentell uses Coliloquy’s Active Fiction technology to augment the typical reading experience. From the very first page, readers must make critical decisions that lead them down 1 of over 500 different pathways through this sprawling contemporary exploration of good, evil, and the fluid core of humanity.

But choose carefully – just as in real life, every choice has repercussions, and there is no going back. You may be surprised where your decisions take you...and why.

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